On the coast of the Adriatic see, robinson house are spontaneously formed. Once upon a time people were made shelters, stone houses without binding material, whose remains can still be found, and that served the shepherds and their flocks as shelter from the rain and storms. Fishermen and farmers have gradually begun to do something smaller, modest home also for shelter and short stay. As the unspoiled nature is rarer and rarer sight, and accelerated progression of everyday life makes a man in search of peace and quiet. The potential and value of robinson houses is recognized and is became one of the most sought after types of accommodation. Robinson tourism is unique on the Mediterranean cost, is specific right for the wider region of Dalmatian cost. Robinson tourism implies secluded homes, energy-independent, which as a power source commonly used solar energy and rainwater.

Household appliances are the most common gas.

Robinson accommodation offers absolute relaxation, whether you're with family or friends, whether to swim at the beach, which is only a few feet away from your robinson house. Barbecue or enjoy the moon and the sky loaded with stars whose radiance can experience only at the point where artificial light does not exist.Who one chooses robinson tourism, always returns again as a true adventurer looking for a real vacation. Let robinson tourism be your first choice.

Fisherman's house"MARE"

Island Kornat, bay Vrulje


+385 98 895 055

Balarina 1

22243 Murter


from 65 €

Fisherman's house "INGRID"

Island Veliki Vinik


+385 98 895 055

Balarina 1

22243 Murter


from 45 €